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To facilitate a unique process that engages the complete person to generate the performance, wellbeing and purpose at the heart of enduring personal, team and business breakthroughs.


Breakthroughs in personal and professional leadership roles.

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About David

David Fish, founder and lead consultant of Integral Mentoring, a prominent executive coach and the author of “Inner Leadership - Keys to Making Breakthroughs in Work, Relationships and Life".

Integral Mentoring is based on the understanding that sustainable high performance and wellbeing are based on an alignment of the individual's deeper motivations and distinctive qualities with effective action in the interpersonal and business domains. David’s coaching and writing are dedicated to helping individuals and teams determined to unlock untapped potential and enable them to grow and function at their most effective and fulfilling level.
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"David Fish has the rare ability to persuade very able people to re-examine their real qualities and motivations and match these to the actual circumstances that prevail."
Antony Snow, Chairman,
Hill and Knowlton International Europe, Middle East and Africa

The Book

Inner Leadership: <br />
Keys to Making Breakthroughs<br />
in Work, Relationships and Life - An Integral Approach
Inner Leadership:
Keys to Making Breakthroughs
in Work, Relationships and Life - An Integral Approach
"Freud tells us that to be healthy is to be able to work and to love. Ahh... but how to work and love? In this unique book, David Fish shows us through his stories what kind of inquiry is necessary if we wish to work and love well." Bill Torbert, Professor of Leadership Emeritus, Boston College